SMART Platform transforms your data into actionable insights

SMART Platform is the software revolutionizing how you monitor, improve, and transform road networks.

Use real-time data, interpreted by AI, to save lives, reduce crashes and incidents, and create a SMART city with the very best efficiencies.

With the SMART Platform, your team and network will enjoy unmatched insights into your road users, with never-before-seen efficiencies. Comprising five different platforms rolled into one, SMART Platform allows you to monitor the road in real-time with SMART Operations, collect reliable data fit with insights with SMART Survey, and improve road safety in months, not years with SMART Safety. 

SMART Safety is a deep-dive analysis into road safety.

Stop waiting for months’ to years’ worth of crashes to happen for your datasets. SMART Safety is the alternative — it’s the real-time tool designed to collect data, including actual incidents and near-misses, to create a better and deeper understanding of safety on your roads. It tells you where improvements need to be made and gives you the data you need to prioritise how these improvements are scheduled.

SMART Operations is a real-time analysis into traffic management.

Streamline how your operations team monitors and controls road safety. SMART Operations monitors your intersections, roads, or networks for you, then it sends you an alert in real-time when you need to act. It means the team member will know when (and as soon as) there’s something they need to rectify. 

SMART Survey is the simple way to understand road users

Get the data you need sooner and with better accuracy with SMART Survey. It offers you better reliability as you survey roads and networks and it gives you a comprehensive understanding of how users are interacting with the roads. Not only does SMART Survey eliminate human error but it stores historical data, eliminating duplicate surveys and wasted time.

Which SMART Platform product do you need?

You can select any combination of SMART Platform products as part of your subscription or you can deploy the full SMART Platform.

The SMART Platform products at a glance




Accessed via SMART Platform

Historic Flows and Speeds

Historical Data Import

Live Flows and Speeds

Incident Detection

Live Alerts

Conflict Heat Maps

Road User Trajectories

Crash Forecasts

Report Generation

Safety Countermeasure Identification

Before and After Treatment Evaluations

Why use SMART Platform?

Foster better collaboration between teams

With all of our SMART Platform products accessible through the one dashboard, you’ll be able to unite your different teams. Sharing the same data and insights, your teams will be working towards the same goals with increased efficiency and collaboration.

Make smart budget decisions

With a comprehensive view of the safety, operations, and survey insights across your organisation, you can better allocate budgets, with the right data to effectively compare and prioritise where those important dollars should go.

Make improvements sooner, benchmark them sooner

The SMART Platform streamlines how you collect, interpret, and utilise your data and insights. With SMART, you can draw conclusions from your data months before you would have received the original dataset if you were collecting it the old fashioned way.

Receive full support from our team of transportation experts

Our team is here for you, at every step along the way. From selecting a camera and getting it set up to any technical questions that arise along the way. We have an intimate understanding of your industry, how you operate and how we can make our platform best work for you.

One of our team will be in touch soon.

The SMART Platform revolutionizes road safety & efficiency.

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