Transforming traffic monitoring data into intelligent insights.

AMAG’s SMART Software-as-a-Service provides departments of transport and engineering consultancies a suite of video-and LiDAR-based advanced mobility analytics products to facilitate improved management, planning, and operations of road safety traffic systems

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Improved road safety outcomes for these cities

How it works

Step 1


In coordination with our customers, video and LiDAR traffic monitoring data are collected to precisely measure the condition and utilization of the transportation infrastructure for motorists, vulnerable road users, and commercial vehicles

Step 2


Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the SMART Platform delivers data to customers using more than 50 customisable dashboards that support decision-making for transportation network safety, operations, asset management, and network modelling functions
Step 3

Save Time, Money, and Lives

SMART dashboards enable customers to learn how to save lives through better road safety investment and operations insights, to save time through improved traffic network efficiency insights, and to save money through better support of planning-level decision making and modelling support.

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Measure, Analyze, and Save with
AMAG's SMART Digital Platform

Meet SMART. It’s our Safe Mobility Alert Real Time (SMART) Digital Platform to support Vision Zero and Safe Systems approaches globally. Using video analytics, AI, deep learning, and advanced econometrics, we’ve developed predictive analytics to boost road safety.

We have provided actionable insights

Active Travelers
Crashes Eliminated
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Injuries Prevented
0 +
Lives Saved

*These estimated road safety impacts are derived from cases where evidence of effectiveness of treatments were measured as part of the AMA Group technology application, for example before-after analyses.

How is the SMART Platform Reimagining Road Safety Traffic Systems?

Old Technology


Reliance on Crash Data

Crash data is notoriously incomplete, inaccurate, sparse, and used in reactive traffic safety management. Ethically, their use is fundamentally flawed. The profession deserves better.

Legacy Data Collection Methodologies

Inductive loops, human counters, pneumatic tubes, and other devices suffer from a variety of reliability, accuracy, and road user ambiguity issues. 100% samples of all road users with spatial and temporal accuracy, making use of AI and edge-computing advances is needed.

Outdated Knowledge Consumption and Information Access

Legacy software residing on outdated servers is technologically crippled, whereas knowledge and data embedded in consultancy reports quickly becomes arcane and fails to build internal capacity.

Our Technology

Critical Conflicts

Critical conflicts are reliable predictors of future crashes and can be measured accurately with robust video analytics. Far greater insights into risk and operations are provided using critical conflict data, and crashes can be averted.

Video and LiDAR data

Video and LiDAR data collected from both fixed and moving platforms can capture highly accurate and reliable road user and environment information. Edge computing, AI, machine learning, and advanced mobility algorithms enable efficient and accurate processing of these high-resolution data sources.

Software-as-a-Service delivery

Delivered via cloud, with multiple layers of built-in data privacy and security protection, Software-as-a-Service delivery provides hands-on access to customer data via the web, with direct access to analytics and customer data, with unlimited access to subsequent data analysis and retrieval.

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25 years analysing data for better outcomes

AMAG aims to be the world leading enterprise solution provider of analytics and insights for road safety, transportation planning, and transportation network management. The co-founders have applied their collective 70+ years to design SMART, a Software-as-a-Service digital platform that offers separate modules for safety, operations, surveys, infrastructure, and pavements. AMAG’s SMART enterprise solution and pricing provides the ultimate in accuracy and flexibility for solving today’s transportation management, operations, and planning challenges, while preparing for tomorrow’s connected and automated mobility systems.

How is the SMART Platform redefining Transport Network Analytics?

Real-time data

Access valuable insights in real-time through SMART data. Receive notifications when you need to react and create more robust systems with reliable information. 

We predict and act

Our platform comes with predictive analysis and real-time notifications. It allows you to pivot and react in real-time to increase road safety in your city.

The data to keep improving

The more data collected and analysed means more of the picture is pieced together. It gives you a clear overview of road safety in your city and the knowledge to make further improvements. 

We are ahead of the curve

We don’t get complacent. We’re constantly innovating to improve upon our software and programs and increase road safety in your city. We intend to remain ahead of the curve. 

SMART is 70 years in the making

Our founders bring 70 years of academic research, practical application and commitment with them. It’s a commitment to making roads safer, more efficient, and innovative.

Deep learning for continuous improvement

Deep machine learning means our AI technology is constantly learning and building on itself. It means organisations using SMART will be able to continuously improve. 

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25 years analysing data for better outcomes

Dr Simon Washington, PhD

Co-Founder & CEO

Dr Tarek Sayed, PhD

Co-Founder & Advisor

Dr Shimul Haque, PhD

Co-Founder & Advisor

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