SMART Survey eliminates human error. It's the reliable way to collect road data.

SMART Survey is the simple way to understand road users

Gain a better understanding of your road users and how they interact with the road using SMART Survey. It’s a faster, more accurate, and more reliable way to collect this data so you can understand the patterns emerging on the roads. SMART Survey eliminates manual counting by hand, thus eliminating human error. 

Cameras monitor the road. AI compiles the data.

Monitor & guage average


Understand how road users interact with the roads and intersections through speed data breakdowns. You can view the average speed of all road users, broken down into 15-minute blocks.

Understand trends with


Understand the flows and their patterns on your roads and intersections with Flows. See exactly which vehicles are using the road or intersection, when, and how they’re interacting with it.

Maintain uniform data sets with

Data Imports

Import historical survey data so that all your data is in one single place. Easily compare historical records to see trends in road users and across your surveyed roads and intersections at a glance.

Here's how the platform works

Capture & upload your road footage, then leave it with SMART.

With AMAG’s SMART Survey, you can eliminate manual counting and analysis. SMART allows you to “set and forget”. Visit the intersection or road of interest, set up a camera and collect the footage. Then, upload it to your SMART platform. AI will review the footage and translate it into data, segmenting road users and providing data with its relevant context. Worried about collecting footage? Our team can help you get started.

You make road improvement decisions sooner

Gain a clear understanding of traffic and its impacts on specific regions, roads or intersections. With accurate and timely data that’s segmented to display types of road usersaverage speeds at certain times throughout the day, and turning movements — you can understand where improvements are needed and logically prioritize these improvements.

Then, SMART stores your data for your own comparison

All footage and its accompanying data is stored in your SMART Survey dashboard. As well as that, you can upload your historical data, allowing anyone in your team to log into the system and find the necessary data reports in moments. You can compare datasets before and after improvements, benchmark your improvements, and back up your findings with timely, relevant data.

Experience SMART Survey. A simple, intuitive platform.

So, you get the idea of SMART Survey. Your traffic footage is translated into data to bolster your road improvement efforts. It makes understanding and benchmarking data a quick and simple process. But how does the dashboard work? Let’s run through it👇

SMART Survey Features

Site History

Organize all your survey sites and their historical data within your dashboard for safe keeping.

Classified Speeds

Classify average speeds in your survey site by date, time, and types of road users.

Data Import

Import your own data, including historical site data. Access it all in one single database.

Increase Accuracy

Leverage AI technology to identify classes of road users with better accuracy than ever before.

Filter Volume Counts

Filter your recorded volume counts by day, time of the day, or by type of road user.

Survey Faster Than Ever

Advanced AI technology allows you to survey and collect data faster than ever.

Why use SMART Survey to inform your road improvements?

Increase accuracy, eliminate human error

Manually surveying roads and collecting data is flawed. Eliminate that human error aspect and increase accuracy with SMART Survey. Our AI technology and algorithms allow you to collect data and filter it with never-before-seen accuracy.

Make smart budget decisions

Make the right calls and allocate your budget efficiently with SMART Survey. SMART insights give you the information you need to make the right decisions as you plan road improvements.

Make improvements sooner, benchmark them sooner

SMART Survey means you can make improvements sooner and discover their effectiveness sooner. You no longer have to wait weeks as data is manually collected and then spend further time classifying and filtering it. SMART Survey does all the leg work for you.

Receive full support from our team of road safety experts

We know SMART Survey is a brand new platform to explore and understand. We’ll get you started with a demo, where we walk you around the platform. But we know you may need some additional support. Our team is always here for you — just give us a call.

One of our team will be in touch soon.

Have a question about SMART Survey?

SMART Survey will work with just about any High Definition camera (1280 x 760) with at least 10 frames per second. Our team will always check to make sure your camera quality is compatible before beginning the project. HDR is recommended for nighttime recordings.


Yes! We sure do. All of our results are validated through the project before delivery. We provide a full report of the validation method and results.


Costs will vary depending on how many sites you would like to record, how many cameras are being used, and how many users will need to access our platform. Please feel free to get in touch for a quote.


We understand that different councils and local governments come with different legislations around data sovereignty and data residency. All the data we collect is hosted in our cloud servers which are located in each country we service. It means none of the data we’ve collected will ever leave your country’s shore,  complying with all data collection regulations.

You sure can! Our software has been designed to integrate with existing infrastructure and processes. Contact our team to discuss how we can integrate our SMART platform with your infrastructure.


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