We're AMAG. The team pioneering transport analytics.

AMAG was built on the idea that we could revolutionize the transport industry through data

Our enterprise transport analytics platform was created to streamline and revamp how we identify on-road issues and prioritise their repair. AMAG is a Software-as-a-Service platform designed to improve collaboration and communication between teams and streamline how data is collected and interpreted.


Our enterprise solution provides the ultimate in accuracy and flexibility for solving today’s transportation management, operations, and planning challenges while preparing for tomorrow’s connected and automated mobility landscape.

Creating a safe & streamlined Transport Industry

We're improving road safety across the globe. Transport analytics will never be the same.

The principles the SMART Platform was built on

Research & Development

Rigorous research and development underpins the SMART Platform. At AMAG, our team is committed to continuous improvement and to creating the ultimate transport analytics tool. So R&D is essential.

Frequent Validation

We’re frequently sampling data to manually validate to ensure our AI is collecting and interpreting data effectively. It makes up part of our commitment to creating a leading and accurate tool.

It's never complete

We never believe our SMART Platform is complete. With a commitment to continuous improvement and a drive to be the leader in innovation across the global transport analytics industry, we’re constantly iterating and improving the SMART Platform.


Support is essential. Whether that’s internally, in our team as we develop transport analytics software or for you and your team, as you navigate a new platform. You can expect the highest standard of support of the AMAG team.

That's us. Want to see the SMART Platform?

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