SMART Safety doesn't wait for crashes to happen.
It predicts them.

SMART Safety is a deep-dive Safe Systems analysis into road safety.

Dive deep into transportation analytics with SMART Safety. For too long, local governments, councils, and transportation staff have been relying on years’ worth of data to assess safety on the roads. And often, organizations spend years and years waiting for worthwhile data to work with. SMART Safety doesn’t wait for crashes to happen. It monitors near-misses, finds the trends of traffic behaviors, and provides insight into the likelihood and causes of accidents at each analyzed intersection and roadway, protecting the vulnerable road users and making the road safer for everyone. SMART Safety means you can make actionable decisions sooner.

Cameras monitor the road. AI evaluates the risk.

Find road conflicts with

Heat Maps

As a valuable Safe Systems tool, heat maps make it simple to understand traffic, road patterns, intersection analysis, and actual conflicts at a glance. To create a more in-depth analysis, SMART Systems allows you to configure heat maps to show you specific road users and types of conflicts.

Understand risks with


How are the road users interacting with the road? What about their traveling speeds? The angles they turn on? You can visualize all of these factors through transportation analytics of SMART Safety trajectories.

Evaluate road changes with our

Evaluation Tool

You’ve analyzed the roads and intersections, and you’ve made the necessary changes. Now? You can evaluate your progress with SMART Safety’s Evaluation Tool and benchmark the improvements in road safety.

Here's how the platform works

AI analyzes weeks worth of data

With AMAG, a camera will be set up to monitor the road, intersection, roundabout (traffic circle), or slip lane of your choice. We’ll record data for two to three weeks. Then we’ll analyze the roads using AI technology. Our algorithm factors in the vehicle type, the speed, the traffic, and even the angle the vehicle turns on as it passes through an intersection or corridor.

You make road safety decisions sooner

The algorithm translates weeks’ worth of data into trends, taking all factors into account. Then, it shows you the trends, providing insight into when, where, and most importantly, why road safety might be compromised, putting vulnerable road users in danger. Instead of the traditional five to ten years required in the past to make these decisions, we can make and implement improvements in months.

Then, SMART analysis gives us a before and after comparison

We’ve performed the road and intersection analysis, you’ve found the dangers and the pitfalls, and you’ve implemented changes to improve the road’s safety. Now, we need to make sure it works. Just like the first time, we’ll record the road for another two to three weeks and collect all the data. Then, using the Evaluation Tool, we’ll benchmark the progress you’ve made in the road’s safety.

Experience SMART Safety. A simple, intuitive platform.

So, you get the concept. Data, Artificial Intelligence, SAFE Systems, and SMART algorithms help you improve road safety quicker and with simplicity. But how does the dashboard work? Let’s run through it👇

SMART Safety Features

Operations Data

View all the recorded flows, speeds, and violations for the recorded time.

Conflict Video Clips

Access video footage of the recorded conflicts.

Evaluation Tool

Compare crash forecasts before and after updates to see how effective they are.

Crash Risk Heat Map

A heat map of the intersection shows all areas where crash risk is probable.

Crash Prediction

View annual and hourly crash predictions based on type and severity.

Countermeasure Tool

Generate potential countermeasures for the site based on crash data and decades of research.

Trajectories Map

Generate trajectories of road users on a map or through camera view.


Compare crash risk across multiple sites to see which sites require more attention.

Why use SMART Safety to improve road safety?

Remove the guesswork

Road safety has been based on guesswork for too long. SMART Safety eliminates the guesswork. It’s real data based on rigorously tested algorithms and intelligent trends. 

Make smart budget decisions

How do you decide where your road improvement budget should be allocated? SMART Safety gives you reliable data that allows you to compare roads and make indisputable budget calls.

Make improvements sooner, benchmark them sooner

You no longer have to wait years to collect road data and then even longer to see if your road improvements were effective. SMART Safety allows you to collect initial data in weeks. Then, following your road improvements, you can again benchmark the improvement in weeks, not years.

Receive full support from our team of road safety experts

We don’t just send you a camera and a platform login and send you on your way. You’ll receive full support from our team of experts. We’ll get you set up and train you and your team to use the platform. Then, any time you have a question or concern, you just give us a call.

One of our team will be in touch soon.

Have a question about SMART Safety?

SMART Survey will work with just about any High Definition camera (1280 x 760) with at least 10 frames per second. Our team will always check to make sure your camera quality is compatible before beginning the project. HDR is recommended if you’ll require nighttime recordings.


Yes! We sure do. It’s essential we’re providing you with the most accurate data and insights. All of our results are validated through the project before delivery. We provide a full report of the validation method and results.


The total cost will vary depending on how many sites you would like to record, how many cameras are being used, and how many users will need access to our platform. Please feel free to get in touch for a quote.

We understand that different councils and local governments come with different legislations around data sovereignty and data residency. All the data we collect is hosted in our cloud servers which are located in each country we service. It means none of the data we’ve collected will ever leave your country’s shore,  complying with all data collection regulations.


You sure can! Our software has been designed to integrate with existing infrastructure and processes. Contact our team to discuss how we can integrate our SMART platform with your infrastructure.


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