SMART Operations bolsters your team with real-time traffic monitoring.

SMART Operations is a real-time analysis into traffic management.

SMART Operations is a real-time traffic monitoring and analysis into traffic management providing a core piece of the Safe Systems approach. Give your operations team the resources they need to effectively monitor and control road safety and traffic. SMART Operations monitors your network around the clock. Then, when a significant event happens, the relevant member of your team will receive an alert so they can act. This tool gives your team a comprehensive overview of the network, allowing you to act and rectify on-road conflicts as they happen.

Cameras monitor the road. AI alerts you when you need to take action.

Take informed action with

Real-time alerts

SMART Operations monitors traffic and incidents in real-time. Your designated team members will automatically receive alerts when they need to take action. 

Understand your network through


Automatically track and identify road users in your network. You’ll know exactly which users are traveling through your intersection at any time of the day. 

Find user interaction data with


Receive live updates on average speeds for your site or network, broken down by time of day and type of road user from large and small vehicles to bicyclists and pedestrians. 

Here's how the platform works

You set up a camera, then AI works it out

Set up a camera to monitor your site, intersection, corridor, or traffic network. As real-time recordings are received, our SMART AI will classify vehicle types, monitor speeds, and identify incidents — like accidents or traffic build ups, and threats to vulnerable road users.

Your designated team members will receive alerts when it's time to take action.

You can assign alerts for specific types of incidents. So, when something happens in your network and someone needs to act, the right team member will receive an alert so they can rectify the issue.

You'll have all the traffic monitoring data available to draw on at any time.

The flows you can see in real-time are so useful. So, with SMART Operations, we make sure you can draw on them at any time. Find the cause of previous incidents or accidents and gain a clearer understanding of traffic flows, road users, and how they each interact within your network. As a key component of the Safe Systems approach, our AI-driven SMART Operations software aims to protect everyone on the road, looking out for the most vulnerable road users.

Experience SMART Operations. A simple, intuitive platform.

Real-time video monitoring of your network, SMART AI, and alerts support your Operations team as they monitor, assess, and control your networks. But how does the dashboard work? Let’s run through it👇

SMART Operations Features


View, interpret, and analyze your site through live footage.

Historical Flows

All footage and flows are stored and ready for you to draw on as you need.

Live Flows

You can view footage and counts from the last 30 minutes through Live Flows.

Historical Speeds

Have all the historical average speeds recorded by road users in your network at your fingertips. You can filter these by dates and times.

Live Speeds

Log into your SMART Dashboard to see the average speed of all road users in the last 30 minutes.

Team Configuration

Configure teams and automate alert notifications to make sure only the relevant team members will receive the right alerts.

Why use SMART Operations to monitor your roads?

Make sure the right people get the right alerts

Configure your SMART Operations alerts to notify the right team members when they need to act. It means the relevant team member receives the right alert and they can rectify any issues in real-time.

Incident-monitoring revolutionizes your network

Eliminate the delay between the time an incident happens to the time you react. By seeing these in real-time, your team can spring into action to divert traffic, make smart traffic choices, and minimize the impact of the incident.

Gain a deep-seated understanding of your roads and their patterns

SMART Operations is here to make your operations run smoother. By having real-time insights that are stored to create historical data, you’ll gain a comprehensive view and understanding of how your network operates. 

Receive full support from our team of road safety experts

We don’t just send you a camera and a platform login and send you on your way. You’ll receive full support from our team of experts. We’ll set you up and train you and your team to use the platform effectively. Any time you need us? We’re just a phone call away.

One of our team will be in touch soon.

Have a question about SMART Operations?

SMART Operations will work with just about any High Definition camera (1280 x 760) with at least 10 frames per second. Our team will always check to make sure your camera quality is compatible before beginning the project. We recommend HDR, especially if you’re using SMART Operations at nighttime.

Yes! We take quality and reliable data seriously. All of our results are validated through the project before delivery. We provide a full report of the validation method and results.

The cost will depend on how many sites you would like to record, how many cameras are being used, and how many users will need to access our platform. Please feel free to get in touch for a customized quote.

We understand that different councils and local governments come with different legislations around data sovereignty and data residency. So, all of the data we collect is hosted in our cloud servers within each of the countries we deploy the SMART Platform in. It means none of the data collected will ever leave your country’s shore,  complying with all data collection regulations.

You sure can! Our software has been designed to integrate with existing infrastructure and processes. Get in touch with our team to discuss how we can integrate our SMART platform with your infrastructure.

Shaking up how you monitor your network.

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