AMAG’s Chief Product Officer Wins Prestigious Traffic Engineering Award

The team at AMAG is proud to announce that Dr. Ashutosh Arun, our Chief Product Officer at AMAG, has been awarded the HKSTS Outstanding Dissertation Award and the Gordon Newell Memorial Prize. His acclaimed thesis on “A novel Road User Safety Field Theory for traffic safety assessment applying video analytics,” introduces a groundbreaking approach to traffic safety at signalized intersections.

Dr. Arun’s innovative theory integrates road conditions, vehicle capabilities, and user characteristics to create a ‘safety bubble’ around road users, evaluated using AI-based video analytics. This approach offers a more accurate estimation of crash risks compared to traditional methods.

We congratulate Dr. Arun on this remarkable achievement and his contribution to traffic safety.

Read his full thesis: A novel Road User Safety Field Theory 
and learn more about the award HKSTS Awards.

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