Improving Transport Management Center Operations Capabilities: Critical Event Detection and Management

Traffic and Incident Management Operations teams have been investing in tools to help them automate and operationalize their video feed data. Unfortunately, until recently, there have not been adequate tools available to help them detect, predict and get alerted of traffic conflicts and other safety risks in real-time. 

In an exciting development, Advanced Mobility Analytics Group (AMAG) has developed tools for TMCs that can predict conflicts and other safety risks such as violations from video and/or LiDAR feeds and provide real-time alerts to TMC operators and other stakeholders (e.g. law enforcement, incident response, etc.). Critical conflicts, which include near-misses, are a proven and reliable predictor of future crashes and are being adopted by an increasing number of transportation professionals to measure and monitor crash risks of all types of road users.

The AMAG SMART Operations platform is a cloud-based software solution that leverages edge computing and computer vision algorithms for real-time analysis. The platform can be configured to generate alerts for critical events and safety trends at a location. For example, it can track and alert when violations occur such as aggressive speeding and wrong-way driving, and incidents such as a broken down vehicle or crash. It can also alert when critical conflicts such as pedestrian, bicyclist, sideswipe, and rear-end collision risks are unusually elevated during a 15-minute monitoring period. The system captures short video clips of critical events so that users can review locations and events for further analysis and follow-up actions.

In addition to alerts, SMART Operations provides operators, engineers, planners, and other stakeholders with historical data such as flows, turning movements, and speed percentiles across 13 different road user classes, including pedestrians, cyclists, and e-scooters. Finally, the SMART Operations platform offers open API documentation to enable TMCs to integrate data and alerts into their own software platforms.

Please contact us to explore upgrading your existing PTZ and CCTV camera investment by allowing AI to constantly monitor hundreds of cameras simultaneously and provide network insights and knowledge to deliver a safer and more efficient network.

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