Support Implementation of the Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) Grant Program With Proven Technology Tools

Congratulations to the 510 communities that will be receiving Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) action plan and implementation grants from the first round! AMAG is excited about the opportunity to support you in achieving your safety objectives. We can work directly with your staff, or we can work in tandem with your consulting and engineering partners. These grants will help advance the National Roadway Safety Strategy (NRSS) and the comprehensive approach to saving lives.

At the core of the NRSS is the Safe System Approach (SSA). The principles of the SSA are:

  1. Deaths and serious injuries are unacceptable
  2. Humans make mistakes
  3. Humans are vulnerable
  4. Responsibility is shared
  5. Safety is proactive
  6. Humans are vulnerable
Screenshot from U.S. Department of Transportation. Visit their site for an interactive map.

Road Safe Systems

Delivering proactive safety is where AMAG solutions shine. We are seeing an increasing demand for robust video-based conflict analytics to enable the profession to shift from reactive safety and risk management via crash histories to more proactive, predictive approaches. This demand is driven by technology advancements over the past decade in video analytics, including artificial intelligence and computer vision used to process video data, edge-computing, and advanced understanding of how critical conflicts are related to crash risk. AMAG’s Transportation Engineers have pioneered this technology since 2005, and have more than 100 collective years of experience working with governments to solve road safety challenges.

AMAG offers three video-based (and working on other sensor data) products that include both retrospective and real-time continuous monitoring analytics products to provide a comprehensive pathway for governments to implement proactive safety management, operations, and planning tools. Our products are user-friendly, provide agencies and their partners with rich data sets, analytics, and insights, and can be delivered via APIs to third-party software platforms for presenting to your stakeholders.

How can communities use our tools as part of their awards and plans?

One, you can identify chronic and severe safety and operational problems and corresponding countermeasures in a shorter period than waiting for crash data. Crash data also has challenges in terms of incompleteness, errors, and lack of insights on pedestrian, bicycle, and e-scooter related crashes.


Two, you can conduct real-time risk assessments to identify road users facing imminent or trending risk (e.g., detecting a pedestrian at risk, wrong-way driver, or a red-light runner) and take safety-mitigation actions that can be implemented in near real time.


Three, you can conduct before/after safety studies with our tools to measure and report to your stakeholders on the success of your countermeasure investments.


With our technology solutions, AMAG can support the development and implementation of communities’ action plans in identifying where the greatest safety risks (by type, by severity, by frequency) reside on their roadways, how to identify potential countermeasures to mitigate identified risks, and quickly evaluate the safety improvements made. For the implementation grants, we can deliver critical safety analytics, insights, and ongoing safety monitoring in a proactive manner to ensure successful projects.


We are available to have a conversation with you about your safety, operational, and planning challenges, or put you in touch with a current customer who can share their experience in working with AMAG and our products.


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