Road Safety Expert & Senior USA Federal Highway Official Mike Griffith Joins AMAG

Advanced Mobility Analytics Group (AMAG) is pleased to announce that Mike Griffith, who is retiring from the Federal Highway Administration after a 33-year journey, will be joining AMAG as President of AMAG North America. Mike will be leading AMAG activities and expansion in the North American transport analytics market.

“Mike’s exemplary service, experience, and insights into the road safety industry in the US and internationally give him a unique perspective about which solutions are needed, are scalable, and meet Safe System Approach principles,” reflects AMAG CEO Simon Washington.  “I have known Mike for many years, having worked together on a number of successful initiatives and committees. Mike has high integrity, great leadership and management skills, is approachable, and understands technical solutions to transport safety and operational challenges cities face in both developed and developing countries.

“We are fortunate to have an internationally recognized transport safety expert to lead AMAG’s North American operations” says Washington. “Mike will be supported by Carlos Leal and Roger Brook, and two new US based staff yet to be announced. This is an exciting period of growth for AMAG, and we are focusing our investment in the North American market with a commitment to helping cities and states prevent injuries and deaths and to improve system efficiencies with our range of SMART SaaS Platform solutions.”

Meet Road & Pedestrian Safety Expert Mike Griffith

During my 33 years at the US Department of Transportation, I acquired extensive knowledge about the contributing factors of road-related deaths and injuries, with some of the most valuable insights having come from the direct engagement with practitioners and researchers, for example through my role as Chair of the Transportation Research Board’s Safety and Operations Group”, said Griffith. “We must adopt faster and more proactive methods for addressing our road safety challenges. There is a growing requirement to address the safety and mobility needs of an increasing number of road users with improved planning, safety risk management, and operations of the entire road network.” 


“Having known Simon Washington and Tarek Sayed and their collective contributions to road safety management over many years, I’m not surprised by the quality, rigor, and validation they have built into the innovative AMAG Solutions and products. Given their track record, combined with what I can bring from 33 years of experience working in this industry, I am convinced that the AMAG suite of products will soon become the industry standard, and help to transform road safety practice to better address the societal burden posed by transport system related fatalities and injuries for all road users.”

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