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Dr. Ashutosh Arun, PhD



Hi, my name is Ashutosh and I’m a transportation engineer at AMAG as well as the product owner of SMART Surveys.


Working at AMAG is intriguing because I am learning new things every day. I’m not from management background so working and managing a product is all new for me, so it’s butterflies in the stomach kind of situation. But at the same time, I’m a traffic engineer and I’m getting to implement my PhD into real life working solutions, traffic solutions, and that’s what I had always wanted to do.


I would say wheels because, if are we counting gears as wheels, if that’s the case then the engineer in me says that it should be wheels.


My parents have no idea that I’ve joined this company they still think I’m doing my PhD at QUT and I would love them to remain with that idea


Pandas sound like fun. All they do is sleep and eat, so yeah perhaps that’s why they are going extinct.

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