Dr Simon Washington’s Road to Launching AMAG

Reshaping Transport Safety

Transportation analytics company, Advanced Mobility Analytics Group’s (AMAG) SMART technology has already begun to reshape transport safety around the world, with deployments in Canada, the United States, and Australia underway. And, while AMAG Co-founder and CEO, Dr Simon Washington, admits it’s one of the most challenging experiences of his career, he has been well prepared for the job at hand.

Dr Washington’s varied career history has spanned across the United States and Australia, as well as across academia and fast paced, practical, automotive experiences. His brief stint as an amateur race driver in America, throttling down professional racetracks at 220km per hour in a hotted up MINI-Cooper, gave him insights on issues surrounding transportation safety: loss of control, tolerances related to speed, braking, turning and more. Not only that, but his experience when becoming a private pilot, a profession that is rightly obsessed with safety, also rounded out his personal experiences with identifying and managing risk in the transport sector.

“Whilst I would never race cars again due to environmental impact concerns, it did give me a physical experience of how dangerous a motor vehicle is and unparalleled insights into vehicle performance and the behavior of people driving at high speeds,” Dr Simon Washington

Authority on Transport

Simon Washington is one of the highest cited academics globally in the area of transport safety, with more than 15,000 citations to his work and has authored a textbook focused on Transport Data Analysis that is used worldwide. Unfortunately though, while journal papers contain the seeds of innovative ideas, they very rarely end up impacting the real world, and in this case; transport safety.


AMAG was built to change this.

Becoming a High-impact Predictive Transport Analytics Company

“Building AMAG, a high-impact company, was the opportunity of a lifetime to convert decades of innovative ideas contained in journal papers and improve society through reduced crashes.”


AMAG aims to become the world’s leading provider of predictive transport analytics, addressing current and future planning, management, and operations challenges faced by Departments of Transport (DOTs) and Governments around the world. 


A transportation analytics company with pioneering artificial intelligence technology that improves transport safety and network operations by providing data-driven insights that saves lives, prevents crashes, reduces congestion and supports vital planning and transport network operations by providing data-driven insights that are not available from competing products.

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