Craig Lyon Joins Advanced Mobility Analytics Group to Lead & Support Operations in North America

Advanced Mobility Analytics Group (AMAG), is very pleased to announce the addition of Craig Lyon M.A.Sc., P.Eng. to the team as GM (North America) and Senior Road Safety Engineer.

Craig joins AMAG with 23 years of experience as a road safety engineer. Since 2006, Craig has been the director of a successful consulting firm focused on applied research projects for clients such as the National Cooperative Highway Research Program, Federal Highway Administration, Transport Canada, the Transportation Association of Canada, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and several States, Provinces and cities.

Craig has made significant contributions to the state-of-the-art knowledge in road safety found in the AASHTO Highway Safety Manual, including the development of statistical models for predicting crashes, road safety management analysis methods, and the development of crash modification factors (CMFs).

Craig is recognized as an expert in the statistical analysis of safety data and is currently a member of the Transportation Research Board Committee on Safety Data, Analysis and Evaluation. Craig is actively involved in the development of new statistical methods for analyzing both crash data and surrogate measures of safety.

As a co-author, Craig is a two-time winner of the D. Grant Mickle Award for the best paper award in the areas of operation, safety and maintenance of transportation facilities from the Transportation Research Board. Craig also co-authored a paper investigating the relationship of flow, speed and density of urban freeways to the functional form of Safety Performance Functions which won the 2012 best paper award of the Transportation Research Board’s Committee on Safety Data, Analysis and Evaluation.

AMAG looks forward to working with Craig, and is fortunate to attract such top talent to our exciting and rapidly growing company.

Links to Craig’s Google Scholar and LinkedIn Profiles:

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