Strategic Development Partnership for an AI-Powered Pavement Condition Monitoring and Management Platform

Advanced Mobility Analytics Group Pty Ltd (AMAG) is thrilled to announce that it has entered into a new strategic development partnership with CityScan Technologies Inc. (CityScan) to co-develop and bring to market an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered pavement condition monitoring and management solution that will complement and work synergistically with existing products within the SMART Platform, and aims to disrupt the industry. 


This partnership will combine CityScan’s existing proven and validated pavement condition assessment technology, with AMAG’s innovative, cloud-based transport analytics suite of solutions that scale to support the different and varied user personas of any transportation network authority, to deliver a pavement focused module within AMAG’s existing Safe Mobility Alert Real Time (SMART) digital platform – called SMART Pavement.

Founded in 2019 by University of Alberta researchers Mustafa Gül, PhD and Qipei (Gavin) Mei, PhD, CityScan is a technology start-up headquartered in Edmonton, Canada, that develops advanced technologies for cost-effective and efficient management of smart cities and smart infrastructure systems.


“We are very excited to enter into this strategic development partnership with AMAG”, says Mustafa Gül, CityScan’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), “when we started developing our product, our motto was – ‘What if you could keep an eye on your roads all the time?’ – and we were very happy to hear that AMAG shared the same vision to make transportation networks safer and more sustainable with the novel technologies we develop. We look forward to working with the AMAG team on co-developing and delivering this technology.”


The AMAG-CityScan partnership is further enhanced by the recent appointment of Professor Kamil Kaloush, PhD, P.E. to a strategic pavement technical advisory role within the AMAG team.  To assist the team in building the most impactful, relevant, and useful SMART Pavement product, AMAG acquired the Intellectual Property (IP) for Dr. Kaloush’s proprietary Pavement Management System (PMS)


Dr. Kaloush, is a professor in the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment, affiliated faculty in the School of Sustainability and founder of the National Center of Excellence on SMART Innovations at Arizona State University. He is a registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) and has more than 35 years of experience in pavement research and management services. His areas of expertise include pavement materials design and characterization, field performance evaluation, and pavement management systems.


“I am extremely excited and privileged to be part of the distinguished technical team at AMAG”, says Dr. Kaloush, “the SMART Pavement module is long overdue in our industry, and it is necessary to keep up with technological advancements in transportation. I am pleased to see it being implemented through AMAG’s vision and consciousness to help the industry.”


The overall development of AMAG’s SMART Pavement module will be led by AMAG’s Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO), Carlos Leal, C.Tech, PMP®, ENV SP. Harnessing his extensive practical experience in delivering pavement condition assessment and Pavement Management System (PMS) implementation projects, coupled with his Project Management Professional, Asset Management, building SMART, and Envision Sustainability credentials, he will drive the vision and guide the team.


“Our vision is to develop an innovative, yet cost-effective, solution beyond what is currently commercially available to aid in data-driven sustainable and equitable pavement investments”, says Carlos Leal, AMAG’s CBDO.


“We have the ‘dream team’ building and delivering this product”, says AMAG CEO Simon Washington. “AMAG’s partnership with CityScan, with SMART Pavement product leadership provided by an experienced industry leader such as Carlos Leal, supported by the research and development leadership and proven pavement management software that Dr. Kaloush brings to the team, AMAG is perfectly positioned to realize our vision and revolutionize the pavement performance monitoring and management industry”.


With a world class cloud-based software development team led by Carlos Leal, CityScan and Dr. Kaloush, AMAG is reimagining pavement condition monitoring and management.


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