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About DKS

DKS Associates is an innovative transportation engineering and planning firm that specializes in integrated, functional, and implementable solutions to meet the 21st century’s transportation challenges. Founded in 1979, DKS has offices in Washington, Oregon, California, and Texas. They plan, design, and implement smart transportation technology that reduces crash frequency and severity, minimizes travel times, and increases system reliability. As one of the nation’s leading transportation firms, DKS blends creative transportation solutions with state-of-the-art, cost-effective analysis. Their breadth of expertise facilitates consensus among stakeholders and agencies because they understand forecasts, concept development, design, and how to carry projects through to construction, operations, and management.

No loss of life is acceptable. DKS is passionate about and committed to eliminating fatal and severe injury roadway crashes, consistent with the philosophies of safety programs like Vision Zero, Toward Zero Deaths, and Road to Zero. DKS safety engineers and planners have completed hundreds of safety studies across the country and recommended safety designs and policies that have prevented thousands of crashes.

DKS solutions have evolved from paper reports and “every X year updates” – to safety plans, signal timing plans, and corridor management – to real-time, cloud-based dashboards that provide their clients situational awareness and the ability to respond to maintain safe and efficient transportation systems. DKS and their clients have been early adopters of video analytics technology to proactively identify safety risks and prevent future collisions before they occur.

New mobility solutions such as automated, connected, electric and shared vehicles are expected to dramatically improve safety on our roadways. DKS embraces these new solutions and uses their expertise as stewards of smart mobility to work with their clients and the community to help determine the best return on investment.

“DKS is a proven thought leader and early adopter in applying advanced technology and innovative solutions to meet the challenges on our rapidly evolving transportation networks. Their team of accomplished professionals and client-focused approach make DKS an ideal partner for bringing AMAG’s Software-as-a-Service analytics to governments.” – Dr. Simon Washington, CEO, Advanced Mobility Analytics Group

Nature of Partnership

Through a preferred partner relationship, DKS is delivering the AMAG Software-as-a-Service platform to clients. DKS will assist clients in aspects related to platform implementation, data collection, and data analysis. The partnership will enable DKS to move from simple reports to long-term recurring value and capacity building.

“As we continue to strive for safety goals such as Vision Zero, we cannot wait until after crashes occur to address safety concerns. Like DKS, AMAG recognizes that the future of transportation safety is using new technologies and big data for proactive analysis.”

Adrian Pearmine, National Director for Smart Cities and Connected Vehicles, DKS

“AMAG’s goal of becoming the ‘world-leading digital platform provider for proactive road safety analytics and management is in perfect alignment with DKS’ vision of this new paradigm of transportation safety. AMAG has assembled an amazing team combining industry leaders in safety with world-class technology practitioners to build the video analytics and dashboard tools that our industry needs to proactively identify, analyze, and respond to safety risks.” 

— Brian Chandler, National Director for Transportation Safety, DKS


Adrian Pearmine
National Director for Smart Cities and Connected Vehicles
DKS Associates
720 SW Washington St., Suite 500
Portland, OR 97205

Brian Chandler
National Director for Transportation Safety
DKS Associates
719 Second Ave., Suite 1250
Seattle, WA 98104

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