Advanced Mobility Analytics Group develops the world’s first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) video and predictive analytics platform for road safety

Advanced Mobility Analytics Group (AMAG) has just released its SMART Version 2.0 Beta. This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for managing road safety is the first platform globally that combines video and predictive analytics for assessing crash risk and managing road safety at high crash concentration locations on a network. The Diagnostic Risk Mitigation (DRM) Module allows users to diagnose crash risks at a video-monitored location both across time and space, with insight into road-user behaviours, road user conflicts, operations, violations, and crash risk. The platform also identifies potential countermeasures that are tailored to local crash risks.

Unique features of the platform include:

  • Hands-on crash risk monitoring, management and mitigation
  • Crash risk calibrated to local conditions
  • Detection of multiple near-miss conflict measures
  • Future crash risk forecasting and severity analysis
  • Artificial intelligence (AI), video, and advanced econometrics technologies
  • Expert system countermeasure identification
  • Whole of network platform for one-stop-shop for road safety management (coming soon)
  • Numerous unique platform features and capabilities such as automated report generator
  • Designed by international experts in road safety, implemented by leading SaaS developers

The SMART platform will be licensed for single or discounted multi-year use, and includes local crash risk calibration, training, on-line help and feedback, and continual software upgrades and support. SaaS user access will be sold in bundles, and packages tailored by jurisdiction (e.g. 5 seats, 20 DRMs per year).

Future SMART platform enhancements will include a Continuous Safety & Ops (CSO) Dashboard enabling crash risk monitoring to support safety operations, whole-of-network diagnostic crash risk management tool. A feedback between the CSO and an AI-driven adaptive signal timing (ATS plugin) will also be a future development.

For additional information on the SMART platform, pricing, and platform and future module release schedule please contact us via .

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