Meet the team

Advanced Mobility Analytics Group Pty Ltd (AMAG) aims to be the world leading digital platform provider for proactive road safety analytics and management, applying more than 70+ years of cumulative road safety knowledge to develop a comprehensive road safety management suite of modules.

The founders of AMAG have solved the challenge of predictive analytics for road safety, and during the past decade have proven the methodology and technology through research, refinement, testing, and validation with 23 cities across 8 countries.

Recent contributions by AMAG Founders

Accident Analysis and Prevention

Are the causes of crash risk transferable across regions, states, or nations? Can general knowledge of crash risk causes be applied to learn about crash risk at a particular location? This paper by AMAG founders examines the transferability of crash prediction models across regions and proposes a Bayesian model for making strong crash predictions.

Transportation Research Part C

When and where are traffic conflicts reliable predictors of crashes? AMAG founders shows that traffic conflicts extracted using their video analytics can accurately represent crash risk at signalized intersections, which are fraught with complexity and caused by a multitude of behavioural, engineering, and unobserved spatial factors. 

Statistical and Econometric Methods for Transportation Data Analysis

This graduate level textbook, in its third edition, covers a variety of topics related to the modelling of transport related data. It has been in circulation now for more than 10 years and has been adopted in classrooms in over 20 countries. This latest version has added a number of complex econometric models to better understand and model road safety data, among other data sources.

AMAG Founders

Dr Simon Washington, PhD

Co-Founder & CEO

  • BSci, MSci, and PhD in Civil Engineering
  • 25 years+ in road safety
  • Honours & Awards: Top academic Field Leader in Transport across Australia, numerous TRB Best Paper Awards in road safety: 2016, 2012, 2009 (x2); Most cited technical papers AAP 2010, 2015 (x2); Thomas Fitch Roland Best Paper Prize; ENO Foundation Leadership Fellow.
  • Co-authored 150+ peer-reviewed articles, 3rd edition textbook adopted in 20+ countries and  2 edited books

Dr Tarek Sayed, PhD

Co-Founder & Advisor

  • Distinguished professor and a Canada Research Chair of Transportation Safety and Advanced Mobility at the University of British Columbia.
  • Honours & Awards: Sandford Fleming Award from the Canadian Society of Civil Engineering (2009); Wilbur Smith Distinguished Transportation Educator Award from the Institute of Transportation Engineers (2011); Prince Michael International Road Safety Award (2015); and Centennial Road Safety Award (2014).
  • Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada, the Canadian Academy of Engineering, and the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering
  • Author or co-author of more than 350 journal and conference papers.

Dr Shimul Haque, PhD

Co-Founder & Advisor

  • BSci, MSci, and PhD in Civil Engineering
  • Specialist in statistical and econometrics applications in traffic safety
  • Secured M$2.1+ research funding from the public and industry sectors between 2014 and 2018
  • Co-authored 80+ peer-reviewed research articles

AMAG Executive Team

George Fidler


  • 20+ years in technology & entertainment industries
  • 2+ decades senior management positions in world leading interactive entertainment companies: Electronic Arts (EA Sports), Sega and KIXEYE
  • Key involvement in several successful global startups

Simon Washington

Co-Founder & CEO

  • Leadership/management roles as Director (UCB) of Safety Transportation Research and Education Centre, UC Berkeley and Head of Civil Engineering, University of Queensland
  • Technical papers cited 10,000+ times.
  • Managed more than $20M in research expenditure during career.

Mohsin Rahman

Senior Advisor, Product Engineering

  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
  • 14+ as Software Engineer and Solution Architect in small and large enterprise companies
  • Produced software and enterprise SAAS applications used by millions globally: UK government, Lafarge Asia, Telenor, Orascom, Virgin Australia, TechnologyOne
  • Hands-on, pragmatic architect, taking pride in solving difficult business and technical problems.

Jared Keller


  • 10+ years of experience developing SaaS products built on ML and AI
  • Led Conversica’s engineering and development to create  award-winning sales automation platform
  • Bootstrapped start-up through Series A and B
  • Facilitated development of the platform in Latin America as a board member (acquired Jan 18’)
  • Provides technical and organizational leadership on board/C-level positions

Craig Lyon

General Manager (North America) and Senior Road Safety Engineer

  • B.Eng., Civil Engineering
  • M.A.Sc., Transportation Engineering
  • Practicing road safety engineer and researcher for 23 years
  • Involved in multiple projects conducting fundamental research for AASHTO’s Highway Safety Manual
  • Member of Transportation Research Board Committee on Safety Data, Analysis and Evaluation

AMAG Technical Development Team

Niloofar (Marzieh) Aliakbarzadeh

Data Analytics Programming Advisor

  • BSci, Software Engineering
  • Experience in video analytics and traffic data insight development
  • Advanced programming skills in MATLAB, Python, and C++
  • AI-based techniques for faster and more efficient video and data analytics

Dr Anshuman Sharma, PhD

Traffic Engineering & Operations Advisor

  • BSci, Civil Engineering
  • MTech, Transportation Engineering 
  • PhD in future vehicle technology (Connected & Automated vehicles)
  • 3+ years of experience in mathematical and statistical modelling
  • Traffic operations and engineering
  • AI and ML enthusiast

Dr Zili Li, PhD

Data Engineer & Scientist

  • PhD in Econometrics
  • Application of machine learning and AI models 
  • 8+ years of experience in statistical modelling and forecasting
  • Advanced programing skills in Python and R
  • Developed various competitive models for forecasting quantities electricity demand & traffic volume

Ashutosh Arun

Road Safety Engineering & Analytics Advisor

  • BSci, Civil Engineering
  • MTech, Engineering of Infrastructure and Disaster Mitigation
  • 7+ years multiple safety modelling, analysis & design engineering projects
  • Qualified Road Safety Auditor; 2000+ km of roads and highways
  • Led several major projects (USD $3.3M)
  • Recipient of Australian Endeavour Postgraduate scholarship

Dhiraj Sonavane

Senior Software Developer

  • 10+ years of experience as Sr Software Engineer and Solution Architect in mid-large companies i.e. Tabcorp, Domino’s, Accenture, ANZ Bank
  • AWS Certified Solution Architect, Microsoft Certified Developer
  • Developed high quality web applications used by millions of users globally: India, Dubai, US, Australia
  • Passionate software developer committed to delivering responsive, high performance front-end applications using React and Angular

Nandita Reshamwala

Senior Software Developer

  • BE(Computer Eng.), 10+ years multinational Software Development experience as a full stack developer
  • Developed banking and finance applications, vehicle tracking systems, fire ant management applications, manufacturer production test applications, event management systems, fleet tracking systems, etc.
  • Experience working with a variety of organizations: J.J. Richards& Sons, Fern Software, Biosecurity Queensland Control Center, Certain Software, NOJA Switchgear, Navman