Artificial Intelligence for smarter, safer cities.

AI for Smarter Transportation Safety

AMAG empowers road safety managers and transportation planners through the use of our AI powered transportation safety software. Now it is easier than ever to achieve Vision Zero and Safe System policy objectives.

Smart Cities

AMAG has built a digital platform designed to support Smart City goals and objectives.  As a result, this enables cities to harness advanced technologies to contribute positively to social imperatives and well being.

SMART Digital Platform for Transportation Safety & Operations Management

Our SMART Digital Platform is an AI powered transportation safety software which enables governments to Monitor, Manage, and Mitigate risks associated with Mobility.

AMAG has developed the Safe Mobility Alert Real Time (SMART) Digital Platform to support Vision Zero and Safe Systems approaches globally. Now, through the use of methods such as video analytics, Deep Learning, and Advanced Econometrics; the founders of AMAG have finally solved the challenge of predictive analytics for road safety. Furthermore, AMAG has tested and proven this technology over the past decade through research, refinement, and validation across 8 countries globally.  As a result, crashes have been reduced between 20% and 60% from using AMAG predictive analytics. 

After successfully developing these world-leading methods that have helped governments achieve Vision Zero and Safe Systems policy objectives, the leadership team is digitally transforming road user risk management by commercialising the SMART Digital Platform.


Continuous Safety & Ops Dashboard

Road Safety Dashboard - Transportation Safety Software

Monitoring & Alerts


Diagnostic Risk Mitigation Insights

Road Safety Insight

Deep Analysis


Adaptive Traffic Signal Plugin

Road Safety Plugin

Real-Time Risk Optimisation

Transportation Safety - Traffic Multi Lane

Empirical basis, video analytics and surrogate measures

AMAG’s digital platform involves processing in fine detail the empirical evidence enabled by video monitoring of a site. Video analytics, making use of the latest AI, classifies all road users in space and time. Based on more than 70 years of cumulative research, the DRM computes more than 20 surrogate measures from the processed video information, which are then used in advanced econometric models and AI to piece together a complete picture of user crash risk both current and future. 

Transportation Safety - Busy Crossing Walk

Pedestrian-vehicle Interaction

AMAG technology is particularly useful for understanding risk to vulnerable road users, be they pedestrians, cyclists, or scooter users. The technology measures flows, speeds, trajectories, violations, and crash risk with other road users (e.g. vehicles) by time of day and spatial location (e.g. northbound approach to an intersection).

Busy multi-way intersection

Complex road user interactions.

Many transport network locations involve complex road user interactions. These locations include intersections, school zones, railroad crossings, motorway onramps, and mixed-user corridors (e.g. light rail, tramways, etc.). As most transport network locations have unique design and operational challenges, using AMAG technology can provide rapid feedback on the safety and operational performance of these sites, before crashes occur.