Day: July 20, 2021

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Advanced Mobility Analytics Group Recognized as Australian Top 10 Startup for 2021

To transform the way road safety is understood, AMAG leverages sophisticated video and Lidar analytics technologies, cloud and edge computing, vision engineering, artificial intelligence, and advanced econometric and statistical techniques to identify and diagnose safety concerns well before accidents occur—delivered through a Softwareas-a-Service platform called SMART. “We are a company focused on social good. Our success directly translates to saving lives, preventing injuries, making transport systems more efficient, and making society more livable,” expresses Simon Washington, managing director and CEO of AMAG. The company helps governments overcome the challenges of legacy systems and methods for assessing and actioning road user safety improvements by delivering technology that identifies infrastructure and operational deficiencies before they contribute to serious crashes. AMAG’s SMART delivers solutions to local, regional, and state governments to better manage and operate transport systems for improved safety for all road users.

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