About Sighthound

Sighthound, Inc.’s mission is to turn sight into insight. We deliver complete hardware and solutions built on deep neural networks to deliver actionable, real-time intelligence and vehicle insights. Founded in 2013 with over fifty “hounds” worldwide, we have offices in Orlando, Florida, Boulder, Colorado, and Lisbon Portugal. Sighthound builds privacy-centric AI computer vision technology solutions for a number of markets, including transportation.

Sighthound’s TrafficNET suite is designed to help transportation and traffic agencies, and their engineering and consulting partners capture and use pedestrian, bicycle/scooter, and multimodal traffic data from our video detection products to improve roadway and pedestrian safety. We replace the old ways of doing traffic analysis that are costly and manual, literally sending guys in trucks out to time intersections or analyze traffic patterns. Fast deployments and pain-free integration means analytics are now available at a fraction of the cost to build smarter cities with smarter traffic flows.

Our unique solution offering for transportation centers on our DNN Camera and DNN Node IoT devices, both of which add edge-computing and artificial intelligence to the “intersection” or other roadway locations. Edge computing with real-time connectivity to traffic signal controllers, blank-out signs and road-side signage means being able to implement safety countermeasures, such as extended crossing signal phases, in milliseconds. Or allowing elderly or younger pedestrians to safely cross intersections or to modify midblock or intersection signage to warn drivers of upcoming pedestrian detection or to hold drivers from making turns into unsafe crossing zones.

Deep neural network intelligence means detection accuracy rates that can reach over 95% in low-light and adverse weather conditions. We are able to train detection models at a “hyper-localized level” to help yield even higher accuracy results.  What does that mean? It means that our detection models can be trained to account for local and intersection-level lighting conditions, unique intersection geometries, and specific traffic patterns.

As transportation agencies launch connected and autonomous vehicle projects, they have realized that having intelligent “eyes” on vulnerable road users is an important data set to help inform vehicles and drivers to make better safety decisions. The Sighthound solution is designed to provide personal safety messaging for platforms and providers that are bringing C-2VX and similar solutions to the market and need to fill in the gap on vulnerable road user activities.

“We quickly recognized that the advanced technology in the Sighthound edge devices was the perfect solution for implementing AMAG’s analytics continuously in real-time. Our partnership with Sighthound will support our goal of providing the world-leading SaaS for proactive transportation analytics to our customers.” – Dr. Simon Washington, CEO, Advanced Mobility Analytics Group

Nature of Partnership

Through a preferred partner relationship, Sighthound and AMAG are delivering an intersection-to-analytics bundled solution together to clients. Sighthound is delivering smart edge cameras, computer vision software, and AMAG Software-as-a-Service platform to clients. The partnership will enable Sighthound to lead the vehicle and traffic insights market with solutions that are proven city deployments.

“As we want to continue to offer our clients the best, proactive vehicle safety solutions to meet Vision Zero and similar vulnerable road user goals, we found AMAG’s safety analytics platform to be one of the best technologies in the market to leverage our detection data. AMAG’s deep bench of road safety engineering professionals bring unmatched capabilities that complement our leading-edge, patented hardware and software capabilities. With a bundled solution, we can offer a turnkey solution without worrying about additional integration headaches. We want to be an easy company to work with, we want to make integrations seamless and deployments streamlined for customers to start making their roads and citizens safer.” — RJ Burnham, CEO for Sighthound


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Chief Marketing Officer
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